Apple Island Mud (clay facial)

Apple Island

The main ingredient in this excellent, deep cleansing blend is BC Glacial Clay which is hand-harvested off the coast of Bella Coola, BC. What makes this clay so special (other than being Canadian, of course) is its high mineral content (the highest in the world), and its colloidal characteristic, meaning that the clay particles are as small, or smaller than particles of mist in a fog bank. This gives it amazing absorptive power and allows it to draw out toxins, remove bacteria, and get rid of dead skin cells. Another thing this clay does is increase the circulation, thereby increasing moisture and oxygen on the surface of the skin which increases its health and improves the appearance. You can actually see and feel this happening as your skin will look pink and feel warmer after using this mask. We can’t say enough about this clay and if you’re interested in learning more about it you won’t have any trouble finding information on the internet. Who knew mud could get you so clean?!


 BC glacial (Canadian colloidal) clay, kaolin (kaolinite) clay.


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